Introduction to Human-Centered Design

1 day, 30 participants max.

Discover the foundations, stages, and fields of application of the Human-Centered Design approach and its relevance to the changing world as a collaborative and creative problem-solving process by examining case studies from various sectors.

Goals and Process
In this workshop, participants will learn about the design thinking process by experiencing each step and be able to apply it in their personal and professional lives. Throughout the workshop, the participants will work on organizational and strategic innovation areas that they identify within their teams, and produce prototypes.

Who should participate?
Impact-oriented employees and executives in search of lifelong transformation, who strive to lead change in their communities in the complex and uncertain world of our times.

Participants will gain introductory knowledge on the foundations of design-thinking, contemporary case studies, and the method’s fields of application.

Barbaros Kaptanoğlu

Learning Designer

Contact Barbaros for information about the program.