Human-Centered Design Immersion

2 days, any number of participants

İnsan Odaklı Tasarım yaklaşımının bütün adımlarını deneysel bir öğrenme ortamında keşfederek bu yaklaşımı kişisel ve profesyonel hayatınızda kullanmayı öğrenin.

Goals and Process
This workshop aims for its participants to learn to apply design-thinking in their daily work by having them experience all phases of the methodology. Throughout the workshop, the participants work on organizational and strategic innovation topics which they settle on as teams and produce solution prototypes. Based on experiential methods, the workshop facilitates the establishment of trust and the learning environment necessary to unleash innovation in a team. It thus helps participants experience the innovative working culture essential in today’s world.

Who should participate?

Impact-oriented employees and executives in search of lifelong transformation, who strive to lead change in their communities in the complex and uncertain world of our times.


This workshop goes beyond teaching the foundations of design thinking and aims for participants to advance their skills in the various stages of the methodology, such as conducting “empathy interviews”, formulating insight-based problem definitions, creative brainstorming, rapid prototyping, and testing.
The participants will take the first step to become a practitioner of the method through the human-centered projects that they will develop in a short time.

Barbaros Kaptanoğlu

Learning Designer

Contact Barbaros for information about the program.