Design Thinking Facilitation

2 days, any number of participants

With this workshop, participants who have already received human-centered design training will gain the necessary skills to popularize the methods and approaches they learned within their organization and lead the change.

Goals and Process
With this workshop, prepared by transdisciplinary coaches and facilitators with the most up-to-date information and experiential processes, participants will not only transform into facilitators who can popularize human-centered design in their organizations, but gain the necessary skills to coach innovation teams.

With the workshop, participants will have in-depth knowledge of the rational and interpersonal processes and skills required for coaching, and will have the opportunity to practice the skills they will need

Who should participate?
High-potential employees and executives who have basic knowledge of design thinking and aspire to facilitate and guide collaboration and innovation processes.

Participants will learn techniques of coaching their innovation teams and conflict resolution as they explore design thinking and workshop facilitation methods. At the end of the program, the participants will be able facilitate workshops and meetings and coach innovation processes by effectively guiding complex collaborations.

Barbaros Kaptanoğlu

Learning Designer

Contact Barbaros for information about the program.