4 weeks, 8 hours

How can we understand the relationship between components of complex problems with a holistic perspective?


ATÖLYE Academy presents the four-part “Systems Design in a Complex World” program, delivered by Bengi Turgan and Engin Ayaz.


Traditional design approaches are ever-more insufficient to solve the increasingly complex challenges of our world, such as globalization immigration, sustainability, and pandemics. Meanwhile, Systemic Design allows us to deal with all the aspects of a wicked problem and the relationships between them with a holistic approach. At the end of this program, you will not only gain foundational knowledge of the history, subtopics, theory, and methods of Systemic Design, but also gain the ability to identify the application areas of the new design practices such as Behavioral Design and Circular Design.



This program is designed for the Learning Community. The program will be accessible to community members only.

For detailed information, please refer to the Turkish version of the program description here.

Bilet Al