4 weeks, 8 hours

How might we embrace ambiguity and create potential while developing new-age organizational dynamics?


ATÖLYE Academy presents the four-part “Leadership in an Ambiguous World” program created and delivered by Kerem Alper and Alper Tengüz.


In a chaotic world, societies and companies need the type of leadership that navigates through ambiguity more than ever. At ATÖLYE Academy, we believe that the kind of leadership that turns ambiguities into opportunities is only possible with astute individuals and teams, and also cutting edge ideas. In this program, ATÖLYE Co-founder Kerem Alper and Dr. Alper Tengüz, founder of “Learning Architect,” will help you acquire the tools and capabilities building on their collective expertise gained through strategic and multidisciplinary challenges both locally and abroad.

This program is designed for the Learning Community. The program will be accessible to community members only.

This program will be held in Turkish. For detailed information, please refer to the Turkish version of the program’s description here.

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