A Journey into the Labyrinth to Remember and Self-Discover

4 weeks, 8 hours live session

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
― Arundhati Roy

How can we find our path in the midst of a chaotic change when what we know as reality and normal in our world melts into thin air? Can we reconfigure a meaning and service-centered life that we know to be possible by heart?

During this grave turn in history, the spirit of the time leaves us a responsibility and invite beyond “survival by prioritizing individual interests” as demanded by the dominant culture:

Remembering “being a human” and nurturing a new life sprout among the ruins of the withering system/culture/consciousness.

Following this invitation, we will embark upon an expedition to a place where our personal story merges with the story of the world by stepping into the labyrinth, an individual and collective research space. We will work with certain practices that can guide us during this expedition which we set following the labyrinth structure that provides a safe roadmap for exploring our inner landscapes trying to harmonize with the changing world:

Asking the right questions to ourselves and the others and slowing down, stopping, or contemplating on them; deep-listening and testimony; chamber (The Way of Council); labyrinth meditation; creative expressions that unleash imagination.

With these practices, we will search for ways to reach our inner guidance to be able to face the harsh transformation in the world and respond to it without being scattered. We will practice listening to ourselves, each other, and the life and research how our inner power and guidance can serve to life.


At the end of the program;

    • You will be able to ask the guiding questions that will lead us through out and after the program and render possibilities of a new life possible.
    • You will practice to endure uncertainty and paradox and be able take bold and innovational steps for creation.
    • We will empower through our chamber, testimony, and deep-learning practices our connection and relation to ourselves, with the community, and with the world.
    • You will make choices that support our ability to follow our inner call and present our gift/services to life.
Week 1

Introduction to Labyrinth

  • + Animating the storyteller in ourselves and starting weaving our story and our purpose for the journey
  • + Meeting with the questions and practice that will guide us on the road
  • + Defining field of learning and exploration: fellows, community principles and agreements, needs, and limits
Week 2

Proceeding in the Labyrinth

  • + Immersion in the Story: My life cycles and relationship patterns
  • + Mourning, Longing, and Love: Tracing my inner call
  • + Belonging and maturing in cultural poverty
Week 3

The Center of the Labyrinth

  • + Saving the world or loving it?
  • + Remembering the call of our personal story and aligning with the heart
  • "The wind during the dawn has its secrets to tell you, do not go back to sleep. You should ask what you really want, do not go back to sleep." Rumi
Week 4

Exiting the Labyrinth

  • + The harvest: exploration, gift, grief, celebration, remembrance, new guiding questions and intentions
  • + Which labyrinth journey do I hear summoning as I complete this labyrinth journey?

Meet the Program Leaders

Buğra Çelik

Community Specialist, Mindhood

Buğra supports you to create a culture unique to your program with his capabilities in community-building and ritual design and to build micro communities around your programs.

Filiz Telek

Chamber Facilitator