Inclusive Leadership for A Common Future

4 weeks, 8 hours live session

“Inclusive leadership is not a destination. It’s a journey that requires humility, curiosity and courage.”
―Thais Compoint

With the pandemic blow, the 21st century began with a big uncertainty and revealed how vulnerable all the leaders from whom we expected to act heroically are. In the uncertainty that confined us, it is no longer possible to leave the responsibility of conceiving a common future for all to the influence of few people.

Regardless of people’s social role, —an employee, a parent, a citizen, or an individual— inclusivity is one of the fundamental leadership qualities for those undertaking leadership or willing to find the leader within them. Now, it is time to discover this leadership quality through a modern perspective.

In the program “Inclusive Leadership for A Common Future”, we will focus on inclusive leadership perspective to design the future that we need, instead of the traditional notion of leader as the one who is ahead of others and lionizing their personality. We will seek ways of integrating inclusive leadership to our lives.

At the end of this program;

    • You will be able to make sense of leadership and inclusivity with each other.
    • You will enlighten the blind spots that you reflect on the external world yet keep in shadows within yourself.
    • You will determine new leadership skills that you want to develop.
    • You will learn the methods for creating an inclusive culture systemically.
    • You will design your own inclusive leadership roadmap.
Week 1

How did it all start? Why are we here?

  • + How did leadership models evolve in different phases?
  • + What is the source of the need for a common future design?
  • + Why do we need a new leadership model?
Week 2

Who are we? What does our existence generate?

  • + How can we design our personal leadership qualities?
  • + How can we look at the impact of our presence?
  • + Who and what do we exclude in our lives?
Week 3

How do we understand the concept of inclusivity? How do we want to understand it?

  • + What is the relationship between inclusivity and leadership?
  • + What are the skills for inclusive leadership?
  • + What is difference between tolerant and inclusive leadership?
Week 4

Are we ready to embark upon our own inclusivity journey?

  • + What does inclusivity in culture mean? How can an inclusive culture be installed?
  • + What do we exclude individually without being aware? What can we include?
  • + How can we design our inclusive leadership journey?