Growing Purpose-led and Collaborative Communities

4 weeks, 8 hours live sessions

We have insistently rediscovered the meaning of gathering and producing together around a common purpose in a community, and we have forgotten it again.

Especially in times of uncertainty and crisis, we took shelter in this concept more comfortably. Sometimes, we clung to it so much that it became an empty signifier.

As community cultivators, we will recall the essence that humanity has accumulated for centuries. We will bring this wisdom to our contemporary reality and learn it from each other.

In this journey, you will start to grow your community with your cultivator skills, or you will acquire the self-confidence and facilitation skills to sow the seeds for a community that you aspire to initiate.


At the end of the program;

    • You will acquire the growth-oriented perspective necessary for building a community and the awareness and self-confidence for the cultivator mindset.
    • You will find the chance to learn and practice the techniques and methods for facilitation and understanding people and relations in your community.
    • You will adopt the theoretical community framework that a community cultivator must have and you will develop a basis to apply this framework in your journey as a cultivator.
    • You will equip with the capability of determining the purpose of the community and reconciling it with the member’s purposes.
    • You will see how you can design rituals and interventions to induce and facilitate meaningful interactions between community members.
    • You will learn the tools, approaches, and measurement systems that must be used to render contribution to the communtiy more enduring.
Week 1

Why Community?

  • + A short history of the notion of community, foundations of the theory of community
  • + Community cultivation: Differences between fixed and growth mindsets
  • + Creating the journey of community cultivator, getting familiar with them and their tools
  • + 5 fundamental elements that sustains communities
  • + Creative tensions in communities
Week 2

Human and Purpose

  • + Persona analysis and segmentation, determining similarity and diversity criteria
  • + Determining community purpose
  • + Reconciling the cultivator's purpose with the purpose of the community
Week 3

Community Experience

  • + Creating and performing rituals & rhythms
  • + Onboarding and offboarding experiences
  • + Governance, interventions to induce contribution
  • + Holding space, governing group dynamics, and technics facilitating collective decision-making
Week 4

System and Growth

  • + Tools helpful for rendering the contribution to the community enduring
  • + Designing measurement systems that serves the community purpose and success criteria
  • + Defining growth and scaling for the community
  • + Joining the dots, sharing dreams, and celebration