Future Shapers: Sensemaking and Holistic Design Approach

4 weeks, 8 hours live session

We shape the future today with our decisions and dreams.

With this program, we will take the first steps to learn ways of thinking that will guide us in shaping the future.

For a better future, we must radically change our way of thinking that makes sense of the present being informed by the past.

Uncertainty is no longer an eddy that we avoid; it can become a creative and free space of movement in which dreams and possibilities are given form. After completing this program, the participants will acquire the skills of looking at the ongoing events with a novel way of seeing, interpreting them from different perspectives, and making more holistic and creative decisions.

At the end of this program;

    • You will acquire the skills for analyzing approaches to abstract problems,
    • Thinking on scenarios,
    • Holistic and sustainable decision-making,
    • Understanding the importance of personal motivations for making sense of events going on around us,
    • Discovering the core of our individual and/or organizational decisions, making sense of their causes, and re-designing them,
    • And enclosing the chamber of events and consequences triggered by our decisions and actions, making sense of our learnings, as well as reconfiguring them.
Week 1

Sensemaking: "What is there in the center?"

  • + What is the fundamental motivation in the center of a decision?
  • + How does our essential motivation influence our individual and organizational decisions?
  • + How can we find the center of systemic structures?
Week 2

Think holistically: "Everything is connected."

  • + How can we analyze the relationships between the factors of abstract problems?
  • + How can we discover the relationship between the pieces of a system?
  • + How do our decisions affect the systems that are composed of networks?
Week 3

Build cycles: "Enclose the circle"

  • + How can we envision the effects of our decisions on different scales, such as our personal view or our place in a system?
  • + How can we balance between personal motivation, organizational goals, and the future of the planet while making decisions?
  • + How can we transform our way of thinking from problem-solving reflex to cyclical analysis?
Week 4

Start over: "Every end is a beginning."

  • + We will make thought exercises in the first three weeks.
  • + We will observe how our reflections on possible scenarios and decisions shape the future.
  • + We will build cycles together to transform our lives and environment.

Meet the team of Future Shapers: Sensemaking and Holistic Design Approach

Serdar Paktin

Insight Executive, Pakt Agency

Serdar is a creative thinker committed to analyzing abstract problems and interpreting cultural systems. With his work on brand and organization strategies and 10 years of educational experience at the university and in corporates, he will support you gains super powers to shape the future.