Pioneers of Change Program

4 teams/20 people - 12 weeks

Equip your teams with skills in creative leadership, radical collaboration, and systemic design through this experiential transformation program designed specifically for your organization.

How might we lead in a world where uncertainty is growing and change is inevitable?

We believe that a group of individuals who are empowered by their diversity and open to innovation can transform themselves and their organizations by committing to a common goal.

Equip your organization’s high-potential individuals with new skills and perspectives through Academy’s Pioneers of Change program. In an uncertain world where business relationships are becoming more and more complex, cultivate within your organization a creative culture and environment where human-centered design can flourish.


Program goals


Use design as a creative problem-solving method to develop innovative, inclusive, systemic, and practical solutions to your organization’s strategic issues with your employees.


Create a pioneering community of high-potential individuals who will kickstart and disseminate design- and human-centered transformation within your organization.


Equip this community with knowledge on modern innovation trends, competencies in human-centered design and innovation, and the necessary mindset for systemic change.


Transfer knowledge from contemporary design and innovation case studies and ATÖLYE’s design practice to your organization.


Enhance the participants’ critical thinking, their potential to make systemic impact, and their coordination skills in collaboration processes.


Support effective and inclusive flow of information and skills between individuals based on trust in order to achieve common goals.


Create a novel human-centered design approach unique to your organization through experimentation and prototyping.



Desing Thinking

You will acquire the research, ideation, and prototyping skills necessary to approach strategic challenges with a human-centered perspective and develop systemic solutions.


While solving problems, you will internalize the approaches that prioritize the needs of the humans at the center of the problems.

Radical Collaboration

You will create a healthy and fertile team culture with people from different disciplines, departments, and expertise with different needs and priorities.

Experimentation Mindset

You will become aware of your assumptions preventing you from taking action against challenges and see your “mistakes” as opportunities for learning and growing.


You will grasp the significance of telling stories powerfully and be able to tell cogent and galvanizing stories to mobilize people.

Creative Confidence

You will become aware of your traits that preclude your creative potential and learn to develop your creative muscles with new practices and habits.


Program Cycle

Pioneers of Change is a three-month-long experiential learning journey that includes 12 days of workshops. During this journey, participants will experience all phases of the human-centered design approach, from problem exploration to testing. Participants will use human-centered design to find innovative solutions to their organization’s strategic issues. During the program, participants will work together in a creative and collaborative environment and receive coaching from ATÖLYE’s expert designers. At the end, they will share their learning and project outcomes with internal stakeholders and executives and lead the dissemination of the impact that they created.


Who should participate?

Employees and executives who are motivated to create an impact and change around them, believe in the necessity of adopting different methods to tackle today’s problems, and have the potential to navigate their organization’s future can participate in Pioneers of Change.

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Goes well together: Design Thinking Facilitation

For transformation at the organizational scale, it is essential that participants of the Pioneers of Change Program are able to convey their learning to other business units. We recommend that you add the “Design Thinking Facilitation” workshop to your program to turn the participants of Pioneers of Change from “learners” to “trainers” who can popularize human-centered design within your organization.

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