Mine Turalı

Hello, I am Mine. I work on behavioral design. I love understanding people and systems and aligning processes with human nature. It excites me to merge design knowledge with our knowledge on human and to facilitate a change in the restrictive or useless patterns that we unconsciously create. I excel at understanding people and seeing the world through their eyes.

Mine caters training and consultancy on behavioral design. She also acts as a system and team coach, and she designs leadership trainings. Her work prioritizes human nature and focuses on designing content and processes compatible with it. Her background in design, subsequent trainings on human psychology, and additional studies on sociology help her grasp differences and act in a way that responds to these differences.

Mine started her career as an architect and worked as a designer on different projects, including competition projects. She then made a career change following her interest in social sciences and started coaching. Since 2012, she has been a team coach and delivered leadership training in many different institutions. She has mentored at Startupbootcamp and PWN within the last 5 years. Mine is also the co-founder of wis-mom, a training program aiming to support working mothers, and buneis.com, a digital platform-social initiative aiming to guide young people in their career choices.

Her greatest passion is to learn and convey, and she still supports mentoring projects in different associations.


  • Gestalt Training Program: Associate Professor Dr. Hanna Nita Scherler
  • CRR Global: Organization Relationship Systems Coaching
  • Coaches Training Institute: Coach Training 
  • P4c: Philosophy for Children
  • U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self
  • Storytelling to create change


  • Behavioral Design
  • Employee experience design
  • Customer experience design
  • Team and Individual Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Brainwriting