Mehmet Akal

Hello, I am Mehmet. I have been curious about how things function since my childhood. I used to open objects up and tear them apart. It always thrilled me to take the unorthodox path and create novel objects beyond imagination. Now, I help large corporations develop new products and services. I support them in keeping up with the digital economy and creating new generation digital business strategies.

Mehmet assists large corporate companies to develop business strategies and innovate like start-ups so that they can keep up with the digital age.

He serves in three main fields. First, he orgqnizes learning and strategy development programs for senior and mid-level executives to help them understand the digital economy and the changing business landscape and keep their companies up-to-date.

Second, he focuses on companies to experience new generation rapid innovation methods and discover the use of new technologies. He uses methods such as design thinking and lean start-up for enterprises in the corporate innovation programs that he coordinates for company teams.

Third, he runs “”Leadership in the Digital Age”” programs for executives who bear the responsibility of transforming their companies, which focus on how the executives should update their leadership styles.

Since 2008, Mehmet has been a consultant and facilitator at Prolivus Learning and Development Solutions which he founded. His customers include companies such as Apple, Unilever, Philip Morris International, Reckitt Benckiser, Vodafone, Cigna, Ericsson, BNP Paribas, Denizbank, HSBC, Gilead, Sanofi, Pfizer, and Arçelik.

Currently, he is one of the experienced consultants of The Oxford Group, which is based in England and France and serves on a global scale. He contributes to the design and execution of the “”Leading in the Digital Age”” program for senior and mid-level managers.

Mehmet has been a community member of ATÖLYE since 2019 and facilitated innovation programs organized by ATÖLYE. He also conducted a program on “Strategy and Innovation” at ATÖLYE Academy’s Learning Community. He designed and facilitated several workshops, ideathons, and hackathons organized by ATÖLYE.

Between 1998 and 2008, he worked with entrepreneurs and medium-sized company owners as part of Girşim Training and Consultancy Center, for which he was a founding partner. He acted as a consultant for large-scale entrepreneurship programs implemented for the first time in Turkey and supported by institutions such as the European Union, UNDP, and the World Bank. He delivered training to more than 2,000 entrepreneur candidates in almost all the provinces of Turkey and mentored 300 entrepreneurs. He provided consultancy services to family companies in strategy development and institutionalization.


  • Columbia Business School Digital Transformation, Digital Strategies for Business (2018 - Executive Education)
  • MIT: Platform Strategies for Success (2019 - Executive Education)


  • Digital economy and the changing business landscape
  • New business models
  • Gestalt psychology practitioner
  • Testing business ideas
  • Idea development and prototyping
  • Strategy development
  • Building access to market strategies
  • Business modeling
  • New generation technologies and their utilization by companies