Halit Soysal

Hello, I am Halit. I absolutely exist, thanks to your imagination, even if not in the known universe. Let’s elaborate this a little.

“It has been long since Halit Soysal was born. Although he spent his childhood years making different career plans every day, he became more and more overwhelmed by his curiosity.

When his higher education life turned into a search on methodology for a holistic perspective on life, he decided never to conclude his relationship with the university. He got involved in physics, interaction design, cinema, media, marketing communication, and business management. He audited courses without consent or registered for them, and once in a while, he left them incomplete. He received academic degrees and prepared programs in these degree fields at universities and private institutions.

He grew up, became unemployed, starved, needed to earn money, and became a professional. As a designer, director, producer, and entrepreneur, he produced many national and international award-winning products.

He founded the cinema collective “Odunsal Film” in 1999, problem-solving design team “Perception Benders” in 2012, and in 2013, electronic wearables start-up named “paó”, which won international awards in the fields of technology and fashion. Finally, he started working on his new start-up in 2020. Its name is kept for himself for the time being.

As paó’s journey continues in the Netherlands, Halit goes on adventures and seeks partnership in crime, either in Istanbul or in the Netherlands, ranging from strategy to innovation design or storytelling.”