Barbaros Kaptanoğlu

Hello, I am Barbaros. I am a Learning Designer at ATÖLYE Academy. I usually act as a facilitator or team coach in our projects. I love partaking in projects with a focus on creating a positive social impact. Being a Learning Designer is my third task at ATÖLYE; my ability to effortlessly adapt to new roles allows me to learn different things in diverse fields and combine them to create novel results.

Barbaros is a Learning Designer focusing on facilitation and learning experiences at ATÖLYE Academy. He recently completed his master’s thesis on “Facilitating Online Education.” Prior to this role, he worked as Finance and Operations Officer at ATÖLYE, and he was responsible for the financial monitoring and reporting of the entire team along with the improvement of digital tools and systems, which enabled the ATÖLYE team to work more efficiently.

Elective courses from the Faculty of Communication during his undergraduate education in Energy Systems Engineering intensified his interest in visual arts. He produced the “Sound Picnic” project for four years as part of the “Sound and Performance for Video” course. Upon completing his undergraduate education at Istanbul Bilgi University, he studied for his master’s degree in Media and Communication Systems at the same school.

Barbaros has loved nature since childhood. He likes being by himself in the open air and spending days breathing the fresh air. He is particularly interested in “”bushcraft”” skills that allow people to create a sustainable comfort zone in nature. His dream project is to create an outdoor education initiative for children in various regions of Turkey.


  • Brainwriting
  • Facilitation
  • Online Collaboration
  • Experience Design
  • Design-centered Thinking