Cihan Koral
Nature-based facilitation and Unconsultant, Por. Muta. life
Hi, I’m Cihan. I take part in the learning and meeting activities within the Learning Community. My superpower is to be both near and far at the same time.

Cihan Koral joins us as a stakeholder with experience in designing and implementing immersive and emergent processes.


Cihan focuses on dialogues and various human rights topics in her work for institutions, which involves nature-based mechanisms for capacity building, conflict resolution, and different management systems. She combines her expertise in collaborative facilitation methods such as Cynefin, U Theory, Deep Democracy, Open Space Technology, Art of Hosting, Sociocracy, Human Systems Design, Socratic dialogue, Circle, and Nonviolent Communication with projects that focus on social change. Cihan also collaborates with NGOs, civil-society actors, social enterprises, the private sector, and others. 


Cihan is the co-founder of Hasat, an NGO focused on popularizing facilitation frameworks via co-design and co-facilitation with a participatory and interactive approach. Hasat works to help actors achieve their full capacity, as well as boosting the capacity for complexity in communities to pave the way for change. As a community of practice, Hasat offers continuous learning opportunities; it encourages sustainable change and leadership by forming an impact network, collaborating, co-creating, and connecting relevant initiatives with stakeholders.


Upon completing her BA in International Relations and Political Science at Boğaziçi University, Cihan went to Belgium, where she received her master’s degree in European Integration and Development from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She later attended KU Leuven on the Jean Monnet Scholarship, where she completed another graduate degree, this time on European Social Policy.