“Creating Possible

ATÖLYE Academy Learning

Community: A social and digital

learning experience

The economy of the future will be founded on decentralized systems, creative skills, and individual passions. We need new skills and modes of thinking to make room for ourselves in this new economy.

Having a learning mindset and being open to personal transformation are the conditions for transforming the teams, communities, and organizations that we are a member and becoming a thought leader in a field about which we are passionate.

True and continuous transformation requires adapting to learning, forgetting, and re-learning as an everyday practice. This century does not expect us to change with times, but transform rapidly.


A social and digital
learning experience

“We designed the new term of ATÖLYE Academy’s Learning Community as a space wherein we will explore the skills necessary to exist in the future economy and the new century’s modes of thinking. The global crises gave us the opportunity to build new paradigms instead of the old ones.

How should we make use of this chance? Where will we find the power to change our behaviors? Who should accompany us in this journey? In the new term of Learning Community, we will scrutinize the repertoire inherited from the past to our present and imagine possible futures collectively.

We will embark upon a digital, experiential, social, and multicentered learning journey with a community with unique abilities and experiences. Together, we will make the space for us within the new economy, and imagine new futures.”

What are there
in the Learning Community experience?

Learning Community consists of original and community-centered experiences that discover the learning mindset as the most significant skill of the 21st century. By joining the Learning Community, you will come into contact with the collective intelligence of a community who are in different phases of their professional and personal journeys, have different experiences and expertise, want to advance in their fields, and expand their minds.

You will also be part of unique programs prepared by community leaders who are expert designers, facilitators, and trainers. As you thrive during this journey, you will be able to present your own content to the community or collaborate with ATÖLYE Academy on impact-oriented projects.

6 unique 4-weeks
Interactive learning
Weekly live Q&A
Digital campfire
Digital content
and resources

Learning Community Experience
revolves around 6 unique programs

By the Power of Learning: Super Learner

This program aims to explore the backstage of learning experiences and discover the story of a learner’s body, mind, and surroundings. It provides participants an opportunity to render their learning experiences sustainable by defining a notion of success and designing learning cycles unique to them.

Abdullah Aydın

Transformation Consultant
and Executive Coach

Zeynep Aykul Yavuz

Learning Designer
ATÖLYE Academy

A Journey into the Labyrinth to Remember and Self-Discover

In a world in which our reality and our “normal” are rapidly changing and coming to an end, we will embark on a journey to the center of our lives, together and alone. We will look what will face us in the future in the eye and discover our inner call. We will practice listening to ourselves, each other, and life, and we will explore how our inner power and guidance can serve life.

Buğra Çelik

Community Facilitator

Filiz Telek

Chamber Facilitator

Inclusive Leadership for A Common Future

We need a new notion of leadership to design a common future together. Leading the future starts with the present and ourselves. In this program, we will first review our personal leadership qualities and the impact of our presence. Then, we will scrutinize the leadership skills that we need for a common future, and design together our ways of leading teams, communities, and systems.

Ayşe Yazgan

Senior Director
Yetenek Gelişimi & Kültür

Ahmet Akın

Trainer, Communications Professional

Future Shapers: Sensemaking and Holistic Design Approach

We shape the future today with our decisions and dreams. For a better future, we must radically change our way of thinking that makes sense of the present as it is informed by the past. Uncertainty is no longer an eddy that we avoid; it can become a creative and free space of movement in which dreams and possibilities are given form. After completing the program, the participants will acquire the skills for having a new look on the events going on around them, interpreting them from different perspectives, and making more holistic and creative decisions.

Serdar Paktin

Founder & Sensemaker
pakt sensemaking agency

Tuğçe Akbulut

Founder & Executive
Cross Change

Is Future Possible? A Common Search

Throughout history, humanity has extensively reflected on the future and put forward different approaches. But, what is future, and is it possible at all? Is it seen or conceived? Or is imagined, hoped, desired, or designed? In this program, we will interrogate the future. While we focus on critical thinking, rationality, metaphysics, and fiction, we will speak of the future that WE desire, discuss whom the future belongs, and try to make sense together of the present and future that an encounter with the past will carry us.

Halit Soysal

Business Designer
Perception Benders

Yusuf Akın Gülsayın

Visual Communication Designer

Growing Purpose-led and Collaborative Communities

How can communities grow around a common goal and production? This program offers the opportunity to experience the 5 initial constituents of the theory of community. Participants will analyze the community dynamics with experiential methods and practice how a community can be founded and improved through entertaining experiments.

Aslı Sevinç

Sevice & Interaction Designer

Atılım Şahin

Creative Platform


Who should participate?

Learning Community is a collective of individuals who gather around values of transformation, curiosity, and contribution to the whole. The community members constantly question their mindsets, want to turn their ideas into action, and are open to sharing and learning.

Coaches and Facilitators

Consultants, coaches, facilitators, and trainers who work for personal and organizational transformation and want to explore new methods and enhance their practices.

Learning Designers

Experienced or junior professionals who want to implement learning design knowledge in an experimental environment.

Pioneers of change working for public interest

Civil society workers, civil servants, academics, students, and everyone who aspire to lead social innovation and change.

Pioneers of change in organizations

Employees willing to become pioneers of change in their careers and organizations, executives acting as thought leaders, and customer experience and innovation specialists.


A learning journey based on producing impact and value

What happened in
the previous season?

The journey of Learning Community commenced in June 2020 with the theme “Navigation Uncertainty.” From this journey, we achieved results that exceeded our expectations. What excited us the most was to see the support of the community members for each other. It encouraged us for the new term of Learning Community to see that our members improved their creative courage and put forward tangible projects. You can find the imprints of the feeling and excitement of the Learning Community’s first term in the comments shared by our graduates.

I came to Learning Community sessions exhausted and left them completely rested. I think this is due to the intense mental activity. Here, I became aware of how traditional ways of doing business dulled my mind. The content, tools, and methodologies of the Learning Community guided this experience. Rather than learning, it made me ask questions like, “How to learn?” or “How to stand together while learning?” I will keep them in mind my whole life.

Erdoğan Şekerci,

Erdoğan Şekerci, Social Development Specialist - H&M

Learning Community gave me with a sense of cohesion during a time of isolation. Here, I got to know many people with whom I shared similar perspectives on life and emotions. I felt a sense of belonging. This gave me the courage to share the ideas that I have been pondering for a long time yet hesitated to share. I found the opportunity to make many collaborations. People I met here are sensitive, innovative, and producers, and they love sharing. It must have been the best thing that ever happened to me for a long time.

Belma Tost,


Offering a vision beyond the ubiquitous education system… Helping me actualize a project that I have been working on for two years… Along with the guiding content, it provided a unique value by giving me the chance to experience “facilitation.” This must be the genuine inspiration! 🙂

Gülüm İmrat,

Gülüm İmrat, Coordinator - MAGMA & Boğaziçi Jazz Choir

As someone working at a corporate environment, coming together with people who view life from other perspectives reminded me that there are also different sceneries perceived from these perspectives. When I recall this intense process, I see that I want to experience them again one by one. Learning Community is an unmatched place for those who really want to learn something and be part of an initiative.

Dicle Hames

Dicle Hames, Internal Trainer & Coach - Philip Morris

It is easy to reach information nowadays. What matters, though, is to refine the information and focus on the question “how” rather than “what.” I found a myriad of clues about how I can build my own question of “how.” I started to incorporate people I met here at the LC into my professional life and produce together. Regardless of age, anyone who has not lost curiosity, enjoys competing with themselves, and has a surging appetite for knowledge as they learn will find something for themselves in LC.

Kıvanç Ergun,

Kıvanç Ergun, Brand and Communication Coach - Adım Adım Initiative


Application Process

The members of Learning Community will be chosen carefully on the basis of diversity, inclusivity, and multidisciplinarity. The applications will be evaluated weekly and admitted applicants will be included in the community following the payment.

16 April - 16 May
Application Period
16 Nisan- 18 Mayıs
21 May
Last Payment
7 June
Beginning of the First Term

Fees and the LC Economy

We value equal opportunity and diversity. For this reason, we determined 4 different fees between 600 and 2200 TL for membership. Participants will choose the fee suitable for their income level and pay it at one time to join the community.


LC is a non-profit project

LC is a non-profit project of ATÖLYE Academy. All the membership fees are transferred to the LC operations.


LC provides equal opportunity

LC provides equal opportunity for people with different income levels to ensure diversity.


The LC economy is formed by the membership fees

Members with high participation and interaction rates have a share from the LC economy by developing and sharing their own content with the community.

Learning Community will continue to bring creative leaders and pioneering thought leaders together with the community members through original programs and content. However, participants will finance this term of the Learning Community by choosing the fee suitable for their budget. In this system, we defined for every fee level quotas based on transparency, trust, and financial inclusivity. We will ask you during your application to choose one of the one-time fees changing between 600 TL and 2200 TL according to your income level. Once your application is approved, we will share with you a payment link along with your approval letter. You will pay the fee you will choose once, not every month. All the fees will be transferred to the Learning Community experience and operations. Also, LC members will be awarded by other members according to their participation and interaction levels and have a share from our fund.

Institutional Payment:

Please indicate in the relevant section of the application form if you want the participation fee to be paid by the organization where you work. If you are accepted, we will share the invoice information and a letter that you can share with the people in your organization who will decide whether to subsidize the Learning Community program fee.

Partial Scholarship:

Please contact ATÖLYE Academy’s Project Coordinator Deniz Yazıcıoğlu if you need scholarship to join the Learning Community.