"Energiser Session" with Mischief Makers

30 minutes

Electrify your online workshops and meetings!

30 April 2020
3:00 - 3:30 PM (GMT +3)

You are invited to “Energiser Session” created by Mischief Makers and hosted by ATÖLYE Academy on April 30 at 3 PM (GMT +3).


Energizers are activities to warm up and to simply energize the participants of any group interaction. These activities are great to break the ice and end awkward silences as well as perfect chances to rest your brain.

Join us to have fun and learn ways to boost any group’s energy online.

Join us for a session to learn about many new examples of energizers to bring into your next online collaboration. Moreover, our friends at the Netherlands-based Mischief Makers will introduce you to some of their favorite energizer tools.

Register for the webinar which will take place via Zoom.


Note: This event is in English.