About Us

ATÖLYE Academy: a learning space to experience, design, and interact

We design learning programs so individuals and teams can create positive impact in their communities.

ATÖLYE Academy is designed as a space for continuous learning and exploration made possible through experience, design, and interaction.

Academy is founded on the experience we earned from ATÖLYE’s learning design and organization design practices. With our programs, we help people and organizations gain new mindsets and future-proof capabilities.

How might we design long-term systemic solutions to the complex problems of our time?

How might we lead the change while trying to adapt to an uncertain world?

How might we facilitate radical collaborations that build on our differences to remain agile in a changing world?

Inspired by these questions, we want to help individuals unleash their creative potential and transform their organizations and communities.

Out Approach to Learning

Spaces to Experiment

We open up room for new methods and skills to be experimented with experienced coaches and facilitators.

Diverse teams

We design experiences that bring together various perspectives and expertise in diverse teams.

Real-world Problems

We enable participants to use their new capabilities to solve the real problems their organizations face.

We equip individuals and organizations with capabilities and new mindsets in creative leadership, radical collaboration, and systemic design.

Creative Leadership

We need to lead creatively to realize the solutions that help navigate the ambiguity and transform the society at large.

Systemic Design

To cope with complex problems, we must adopt system-centered approaches that benefit from the power of synthesis, experimenting, and thinking about the big picture.

Radical Collaborations

To develop creative and practical solutions, we must prioritize collaborations nourished by diverse perspectives.

Our Partners

We collaborate with organizations that want to lead the changing world by equipping their teams with future-proof skills and new ways of thinking.



kyu Collective

In 2019, ATÖLYE joined the kyu Collective. kyu is a collective of leading-edge creative companies that come together to understand, connect, and explore the edges of what our societies need now and what they’ll need in the decades to come. Together with fellow kyu members across the globe, we embrace the challenges of our time to solve the world’s most complex problems and be a source of creativity to propel our economies and societies forward.

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