A new area of exploration

Over the years, we’ve built an experimental model that creates a symbiosis between a Strategic Design Studio and a vibrant Creative Hub—welcoming individuals, clients, and partners into our Community to build relationships, exchange ideas, and collaborate on impact-oriented projects. 


In every project, we’ve touched many different people as teammates, business partners, and community members. We’ve learned together and transformed ourselves together.


People who have participated in this journey with us often testify that building individual and organizational capabilities in creative leadership, radical collaboration, and systemic design is a significant impact ATÖLYE delivers in its projects.


We realized that this transformation stems from the following three questions which we have been constantly experimenting to find answers for—answers that we have reflected in our daily actions, values, approach, and methods:

How can we lead the change while discovering our potential and adapting to the ever-changing world?

How might we facilitate radical collaborations that build on our differences to remain agile in a world full of ambiguity?

How can we design long-term systemic solutions to the complex problems of our time?


In response to these questions, we are launching ATÖLYE Academy to share our learnings in creative leadership, radical collaborations, and systemic design and explore new areas of learning together.


Our Approach

Experiential learning

Participants learn by experimenting methods and skills with the guidance of our coaches and facilitators.

Real-world problems

We design experiences where participants put to test newly acquired skills and methods against real-world problems.

Collective intelligence

Our learning experiences cater to the complexity and the diversity of a group where diverse voices build on top of each other.

ATÖLYE Academy equips individuals and organizations with the necessary skills and capabilities in creative leadership, radical collaboration, and systemic design.

Creative Leadership

We believe in each individual's creative potential to bring forth solutions that serve their communities and the society while embracing uncertainty and navigating ambiguity.

Radical Collaboration

In order to come up with creative and adaptive solutions to the complex problems of our world, we must learn to collaborate across perspectives and gain strengths from our differences.

Systemic Design

Working with the disruptive complexities of our time requires us to employ systems-minded and human-centered approaches to harness the power of big-picture thinking, empathy, synthesis, and experimentation.

Our Partners

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